A Young Interpretation Of Classical Music: Jamal Aliyev

One of the world’s most prominent 30 young classical musicians, cellist Jamal Aliyev is one of the rising names of his generation. We talked to Aliyev, who believes that drawing inspiration from other cultures greatly contributes to his music, about his new album and future projects.

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You were introduced to music at an early age. How did this journey start? How did you discover your passion for music?

Mine is a family of musicians. My mother is a cellist, and my father is a violinist. My grandfather was a cellist and my first teacher, and my grandmother was a pianist. I grew up surrounded by music so, naturally, I started playing the cello at the age of five.

What drew you most towards music? Who’s your biggest inspiration?

I’ve been inspired by many people throughout my career. As I said, my grandfather was my first cello teacher, and we got along great. This was a wonderful beginning to music for me. Although he was a violinist, my father, Davut Aliyev, has taught me a lot in my journey in music and still does. Fazıl Say also has a big influence on me as I grew up listening to his works and concerts. Now, I have the chance to make an album and go on tour with thim. Collaborating and performing with Say is an immense source of motivation. I think going on the stage and performing are the biggest factors that have drawn me to music for years because I can never feel those emotions elsewhere.

You were born in Baku and raised in Turkey, and have studied in various cities across Europe. How does this multiculturality reflect in your music? What inspires you the most about other cultures?

It’s important to meet new cultures and people, and to see new countries in order to achieve success in music. I’ve been trained by prominent musicians in many countries and performed with talented colleagues of mine. I’ve collaborated with esteemed musicians; I learned a lot from them and still do.

What do you listen to besides classical music? Are there any genres/artists that inspire your creative process?

I don’t really listen to classical music. I’ve always been a Michael Jackson fan. His music, power on stage, music videos, and achievements have inspired me greatly as an artist, even if he’s from a different genre.

What excites you the most recently?

I recorded my first album with Fazıl Say, whom I’ve admired since I was a kid, and it’s a special experience to go on tour with him soon. I also have two new solo albums coming up. Illusion is released this month; I’m very excited because I’ve been working on it since the beginning of the pandemic, and we’ve put a lot of effort into it. We arranged and played the musical works I love with cello and Turkish instruments which I believed would go well with the concept. I wanted to bring the colours of my imagination to world-renowned works and to bring eastern and western cultures together in this album. I hope to increase awareness for classical music in the East and to promote Turkish instruments to the West.

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