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Ground-breaking Innovations In Cosmetics

Technology plays an increasingly bigger part in our lives. L’Oréal Luxury Division General Manager Ufuk Batur believes customised cosmetic products to be the most exciting developments in technology. He told us about the tech adventures of the brands under L’Oréal’s roof.

Can you tell us about L’Oréal Perso technology?

L’Oréal Perso is an artificial intelligence system that stands out as a prominent innovation in the fields of customised cosmetics and at-home skincare. This system can instantly carry out analysis for skin health, air quality, pollution data, and trend analysis. Thanks to L’Oréal Perso, we enable users to create customised foundations, skin care lotions, and lipstick in the comfort of their homes.

YSL Beauty offers a personalised makeup experience with “Rouge Sur Mesure.” How did this

product come to be?

We care greatly about presenting luxury cosmetics consumers with personalised experiences. YSL Beauty Rouge Sur Mesure, which was rewarded in the “Personalisation” category at CES 2021, aims to enable our customers to experience, for the first time, a lipstick colour created for themselves. Supported by Perso’s patented technology and acting as a revolutionary development in the techno-beauty world, YSL Beauty’s smart device Rouge Sur Mesure helps users create personalised lipsticks for themselves. After trying on the personalised shades created by the artificial intelligence application based on their clothes or skin tone, users can create that shade via the device. Rouge Sur Mesure offers three different methods of colour generation. The first method is the manual selection of colours. We can see how the colour on the camera will look on our lips and create this shade. The second method is shade matching. We can generate any shade based on our clothes or purse. The third method is shade recommendation. We can submit our combination of clothes and try on the suggested shades to create a personalised one. Rouge Sur Mesur presents our customers with nearly 4,000 different shades. It’s a ground-breaking revolution in makeup.

In what other fields do you think we will see a collaboration between the world of cosmetics and technology?

I can talk about a number of trail-blazing new technologies. We’ve made a strategic collaboration in improving skin health with Verily, Alphabet’s health technologies company. This was a first in the beauty industry and comprises two programs that aim to better understand and characterise the ageing mechanisms of the skin and hair. Utilising L’Oréal Group’s scientific knowledge of skin and Verily’s comprehensive scientific abilities, the first program will carry out research to gain a biological, clinical, and environmental perspective on skin health. We also have a long-standing partnership with BreezoMeter in which we’ve combined our expertise in the science of skincare with their innovative technology platform. We offer to consumers from all across the world new services and applicable recommendations for their skin routine in order to fight environmental effects. I’d also like to talk about our collaboration with Clue, a leading company in women’s health technologies. With this partnership, we aim to lead scientific innovation. We aim to develop the best-personalised skincare routines for consumers of all ages, based on their menstrual cycles from adolescence to menopause. Our collaboration with SleepScore demonstrates the link between sleep duration and facial appearance. The application compares one’s appearance after a good sleep and a bad one. Afterwards, it presents products which might be more effective on the skin based on sleeping habits. Based on a video selfie, the Online Shade Finder application defines your foundation match online, only with the camera of your phone. Supported by an artificial intelligence algorithm, its patented 360-degree selfie technology measures skin shade in any lighting. It can perceive 22,500 unique shades. Another technological innovation is Absolue Dual-LED Youth Treatment by Lancôme. It stands out as a groundbreaking beauty device that uses LED light therapy and simultaneously disperses a luxury formula to dramatically reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Featuring special amber and infrared LED to increase collagen production, the device offers well-proved, instant, and long-term visible results. It’s been observed that the device has reduced fine lines by 52% and improved skin smoothness by 37%. We can talk about many beauty technologies similar to these.

Do you think we will see a technological product that will include cosmetics for men?

We have highly influential skin analysis devices as well. There’s an increasing interest in skincare products for men. Biotherm and Kiehl’s in particular are more than enough to meet the expectations of our customers regarding men’s skincare. Canfield Beauty’s Nexa device will soon enable us to make skin analyses at our stores under the name Skin Screen at Lancôme and Derma Reader at Kiehl’s. This device aims to create a customer experience and we aim to fulfill their needs at the top level. The device will travel between stores between mid-September and late December so that our customers can try it free of charge. Nexa is a brand-new skin analysis device designed with cutting-edge technology, combining tripolar light technology and advanced algorithms to measure eight fundamental skin parameters. The device can measure skin texture, blemishes, dark spots, surface spots, wrinkles and fine lines, UV effect, and eye- around parameters. The process begins with taking pictures with an iPad and is followed by questions about the customer’s skincare and beauty routine. After a skin analysis, they are offered recommendations on products and routines. In the perfumery field, men make up 40% of our customers and they are becoming more and more interested in our brands. We’re also evolving to a point in time when perfume preference is no longer limited by gender; now, many scents have characteristics preferred by both. Series such as Privé in Armani, Le Vestiaire Des Parfums in YSL Beauty all include unisex perfumes. About this topic, I’d like to mention Scent- Sation, the latest tech product based on neuroscience to provide fragrance recommendations. The first in the field, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Scent-Sation is an innovative experience that monitors the emotional reactions of consumers to different families of fragrances and recommends products based on the analysis of this data. Users first respond to a survey about which scents stimulate their senses. Then, a pair of EEG-based headphones is used to determine the user’s fragrance profile by measuring what relaxes and energises the user, helps them focus, and stimulates their senses. Based on the result, the user is provided with fragrance recommendations. Scent-Sation offers a unique in-store experience by helping consumers explore the vast realm of fragrance.



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