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Hair Care Routine with Herbal Essences: Esra Bilgiç

Esra Bilgiç is studying to get her law degree while having a thriving acting career. The talented actress answered our questions about her upcoming projects, the power of social media and the secrets to her glowing skin and shiny hair.


Editor in Chief: İrem Bakic & Selim Can Çelik Digital Content Director: Gökhan Oğuz Ünal Publication Director: Timur Can Ersoy Social Media Editor: Bilun Atikkan

Video: Aykut Güler

Video Assistant: Uğur Çiftdoğan Styling: İbrahim Duman Styling Assistant: Zemfira Jafarova Hair: Mutlu Ahmet Sinan Makeup: Hazal Öçal Makeup Assistant: Ceyda Uşdu Production: Okan Oktay Production Assistant: Bilun Atikkan


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