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Mastering Life Skills

With everything going on in the world, many of us are questioning what we really want to do with our lives. Whether it’s changing careers, learning a new skill or expanding our horizons, there is basically an app for anything. We have rounded up nine apps that will inspire and motivate you for the brave new world.


Udemy is an app designed for personal and professional development. You can find thousands of online courses, from software development to communication skills, IT to design. The app offers free and paid options. If you are wanting to learn a hobby or just get inspired from a myriad of choices then this is the app for you.


The best app for book summaries, Blinkist gives 15-minute insights over 4.500 nonfiction books and popular podcasts. You could either read them or listen to audible versions while carrying on with your day. Discover new ideas and find motivation with curated books based on your previous selections.


eToro is a social trading and multi-asset brokerage company that focuses on providing financial and copy trading services. If you want to step into the world of cryptocurrencies, eToro is a great starting point. Safe and secure, the app keeps their clients’ funds in tier 1 banks and all of their information is guarded under SSL encryption. With eToro you could explore a variety of cryptocurrencies to trade and invest in such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and so on.


Anchor is a one-stop shop to create, distribute and monetize your podcast. This beginner-friendly platform offers the easiest way to make a podcast. A Spotify company, Anchor allows you to record, edit and publish your own content. You could then distribute to all major listening apps and do it all for free.


Calm is a science-based mindfulness app that welcomes people from all aspects of life. Whether you would like to lower stress or anxiety, have a more restful sleep or be more present, this award-winning app is for you. The app features calming exercises, breathing techniques, guided meditations and sleep stories narrated by Harry Styles, Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey – to name a few.


The digital age requires some knowledge of coding. If you are looking to learn coding in HTML, JavaScript or Python, this app is for you. With Mimo, you can learn programming, build apps and websites or even become a developer. Although the app is lacking in depth in some places, it is still the best app for learning the essentials of coding and advancing your skills.


Develop your creativity and drawing skills with SketchAR, an AI-based mobile app and a platform for developing people’s creativity through the unique interactive approach of AR drawing. The app works by layering a digitized pre-drawn sketch over a piece of paper for you to essentially “trace” with a real pencil using augmented reality.


Plant and flower lovers unite! Candide Gardening is a free app that helps you answer all your gardening questions, give you inspiration and bring you to the best gardens across the world. You could identify plants in seconds with Plant ID, grow your knowledge with tips and tricks; buy, sell or swap plants with other users and book tickets to visit beautiful gardens near you.


Dubbed as the number one brain training app, Elevate is designed to improve your mind’s focus, memory, speaking abilities, processing speed, math skills and more with 40+ games. Like many other brain training apps, Elevate takes a freemium route, providing free users with a variety of daily exercises, while premium subscribers gain access to a larger variety of exercises over the daily offerings.


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