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Onwards, At Full Throttle: Cem Bölükbaşı

Cem Bölükbaşı, who set off with the dream of becoming the first Turkish Formula 1 driver, gets closer to his goal with every achievement. The national athlete says he discovered his passion for speed at a young age, and he feels more motivated by bigger, more challenging goals.

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Outside the track, how important is speed for Cem? Do you live a fast life, or prefer a calmer beat?

Since the racetrack is the only place I need to go fast on, I prefer to enjoy life and not worry about anything. I live a fast-paced life because I must travel frequently, but I try to create calmer moments for myself during the day.

Can you tell us about who inspired you on your journey? Which of their characteristics would you like to have?

A lot of names come to mind, but I would say Roger Federer’s gentlemanliness and Fernando Alonso’s ambition to win.

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Who’s your biggest supporter?

Motorsports is a hard and long journey. My family, naturally, has always been my biggest supporter. For the last two years, during which I carried my story from e-sports to the real tracks, I was also supported by my agency and sponsors who made a financial contribution.

What motivates you the most during training?

The thing that motivates me the most is the mind-set in which you prepare yourself for the excitement and the challenge of the next race, and the size and difficulty of my goals.

If you had to choose a sing le path for your career, would you prefer e-sports or the Formula tracks?

I prefer real Formula tracks. I do everything I can to be the first racing driver in the world to transfer from e-sports to Formula 1 and the first Turkish Formula 1 driver.

Do you have a routine before each race?

I don’t have a specific routine, but I always jump into the car from the right side.

What’s your goal for the near future?

I want to continue participating in the Euro Formula Open

this year, hopefully with a podium and a win. F or 2022, I aim

to join Formula 2.

You’re a young racing pilot who achieved many things and has won the first Euro Formula Open in his career. What would you recommend to other young people who want to succeed in this field?

Never give up on your dreams. You encounter some obstacles, and this may keep happening. Never admit defeat against them and keep working hard. If something doesn’t go the way you want it to, just believe that it will eventually be for the best and keep trying new ways.

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