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Strength Of Unity;Çağdaş ve Bağımsız Yardımlaşma (ÇABA) Derneği

Eda Kosif is the Chairwoman of the Board at the foundation Çağdaş ve Bağımsız Yardımlaşma (ÇABA) Derneği, which was born in 2004 of the idea that “big dreams can become real.” She wholeheartedly believes in the power to make a change through NGOs with a focus on philanthropy.

You’ve been a part of the foundation ÇABA for many years and, since 2019, you’re the chairwoman. Can you tell us how you became a part of this journey?

Yes, I’ve been working at ÇABA for many years. I joined them because it was participated by people I love, trust, and respect dearly. I believed in its mission and became a member many years ago. Then, I served as a board member, vice president, and lastly and currently, chairwoman.

As a businesswoman, what are your thoughts on participating in non-governmental works? Is this related to one’s sense of duty?

I believe a person with a sense of responsibility should be able to do this with their own effort. NGOs contribute greatly to the development and wellbeing of countries. This is globally true; sense of solidarity is critically important. I’ve been a part of this structure for a long time and I’ve taken this on as a personal mission.

The foundation creates projects in many fields from education to health. How do you feel about touching people’s hearts, especially reaching out to children who are your main focus? Do you feel empowered by doing good?

Let me start from the end. Yes, I’m empowered by goodwill. It not only empowers me, it also motivates me, increases my self-confidence, and most importantly, makes me happy. The main goal of ÇABA foundation is to provide education to disadvantaged kids in particular, to make their lives easier, to increase their level of education, and to offer them psycho- social support.

The foundation’s website features a quote by Walter Scott. “The race of mankind would perish did they cease to aid each other. We cannot exist without mutual help.” How do you see the influence of philanthropy on social transformation and progress?

Goodness can multiply. If we can do this at the right time and in the right way, we can change society’s perception. Most NGOs focus on philanthropy and most people come together and reach an agreement only to do good, without expecting anything in return. This, naturally, is reflected in their respective societies. I believe goodwill has a great influence over transforming societies.

Would you like to talk about the foundation’s future projects?

We worked actively in the earthquake zone and built ÇABA Education Centers within tent cities in two different locations, led by Atasay Group. For preschool children, we offer both pedagogical and psycho-social support. We also want to build a ÇABA Education Building in the earthquake zone, Hatay in particular. We continue to have meetings about this and plan to announce the good news soon.


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