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The New Year Energy Spreads Across Istanbul From Fişekhane

Bright decorations in red and green, creative design gifts, workshops, entertaining music in the background, panels with experts, constant flow of art, delicacies, and endless fun— Fişekhane has begun its New Year preparations full of art, design, and entertainment.

A city is getting ready for a new year. Streets are illuminated with new hopes and excitements. Fişekhane, where historical heritage comes alive through the spirit of the district, has already donned all the glamorous colours of the city. Home to art and gastronomy meetings as an attraction centre for a long time, Fişekhane is filled with a special atmosphere these days. Streets are livelier as the spirit of New Year paints the district in another hue. While swing, jazz, and Latin melodies permeate Fişekhane, creative designs have already claimed their place at the booths. The renewed energy of 2022 will spread across Istanbul from Fişekhane as of December 17. How fast time flies… How would you like to stop time at Fişekhane before greeting the new year? Forget about your daily rush or deadlines. Take out a pen and paper and write down what you want and what you’ve been postponing. This is the right place to begin 2022 with a new list. Accompanied by the sea on one side and history on the other, you’re surrounded by unique architecture and art. What more could you want?

The New Year’s events will begin with Art Shop Fest (held on December 17, 18, and 19) and continue at full speed with Iconic Look New Year Fest between December 25 and 30. As we count down to the New Year, Fişekhane prepares to present a unique experience in its historical atmosphere. Art enthusiasts shouldn’t miss Art Shop Fest where you can attend design workshops with artists or visit booths to buy yourself or a loved one works of various artists. The event will also host workshops and panels for children and adults. Fişekhane will also display a new exhibition at Cocoon, the first and only permanent exhibition area of the Contemporary Istanbul Foundation.

Iconic Look New Year Fest, which will begin on December 25, will bring the New Year excitement at Fişekhane to the top. The five-day festival will include New Year-themed workshops, panels with experts, music performances, and many other events. Gathering talented Turkish designers, Designer Iconic will present striking designs in home/lifestyle, children’s needs, accessories, and self-care. Iconic Look New Year Fest will breathe life into the streets of Fişekhane with design products by prominent names in fashion and design industries, booths where you can sample everything from mulled wine to New Year delicacies, street corteges, and designer workshops. You can buy some of the most beautiful designer products as a New Year present for yourself or a loved one. When visiting Fişekhane, make sure to stop by the Marketplace which is open all year round and sells healthy, organic, and ecological products. You can buy fresh spices from Arifoğlu, crispy almonds and natural nuts from Datça Murat Çiftliği, world-renowned natural olive oil of Ayvalık and Edremit from IDA Olive, clean and quality honey from Balcı Sedat, and organic citrus fruit, winter tea blends, and fresh gingers from Gurme CarrefourSA. Keep in mind to examine the flower arrangements made with the old and vintage objects at Ares Plus, known for its live and shocked flowers, inside the Marketplace.


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