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Wishlist: İrem Bakic

Just like everyone else’s, my first wish for the New Year is health. Although everything else is secondary to that, there are certain pieces that hold a dear place in my heart.

First, I wish for a brighter skin! I have my eye on the cutting-edge LED anti-aging mask “MZ Skin Light Therapy Golden Skin Mask” This innovative skincare device has five light settings to make your skin look younger.

My second wish is the timeless black leather trench coat by The Ruf.

Thirdly, I wish for this lovely Moon coffee machine, which already makes me happier to wake up in the morning and has the best design.

My all-time favorite is the combination of “Hexagon” and “Theo” rings by

der-libeling, which always blends creativity and coolness in its jewelry designs.

One of my biggest wishes is to own one of the miraculous works made with a spatula by Iranian artist Salman Khoshroo.

Lastly, I wish for more stylish dinner tables in the new year. The cutlery and dinnerware by Lue Brass add a perfect glimmer to our tables. They deserve attention for their design as well as ergonomic style.


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