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Wishlist: Selim Can Çelik

Unfortunately, this year I haven’t been good enough to find presents under the tree! But I’m still making a wishlist for the universe to hear.

Because, I must have a Moonwatch for my scheduled

trip to the Moon next year!

For those who wish to press “bagel” instead of “Instagram” first in the morning. It even has different settings for various types of bread.

I have a great excuse for traveling to London; I’m out of my favorite face cleaner inspired by the Turkish bath...

Because this is the fastest way to eat baked potatoes at

Caviar Kaspia.

If you have a playful cat or a dog like me, this 12.57-carat dog whistle with a total of 470 diamonds is perfect for you. It’s completely handmade and gives off an ultrasonic sound.

I believe my clothes deserve to be hanged on these leather hangers designed based on the human form.


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