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5 Skincare Products Which will be trending in 2021

Skin care has become a more personal ritual in 2020. While taking care of our skin with creams and serums in the new year, not admiring the modern technology behind it all is impossible.

In 2020, we not only moved our skin care routines more to our homes, but also expanded our product selection. However, some new skin problems have also entered our lives with the new routines that we have had to adopt. Our skin has sensitized from constantly wearing masks and washing our hands frequently. Spending the bigger part of the day in front of the screen has made the concept of "blue light" a part of our lives.

Here are 5 skin care secrets that will leave a mark on 2021 by keeping pace with the changing habits.

1. Microbiome Focused Skin Care

"Friendly" bacteria, i.e., probiotics, improve skin health through the microbiome,

and have been the secret weapon of skincare formulators for years. Although rubbing live organisms into our skin may seem unusual at first, it is certain that these products will become a crucial step in our daily routine as we see their effects.

Glass Skin Water-Gel Moisturizer; instantly moisturizes, balances and strengthens your skin with the power of probiotics and hyaluronic acid.

2. Blue Light Protected Skin Care

We keep on spending more and more time in front of our computers The blue light emitted from digital screens, scientifically known as high-energy visible light (HEV), has a negative impact on human health. When blue light penetrates the skin, it leads to the formation of reactive oxygen species. This, initially results in DNA damage and then in hyperpigmentation.

Although the studies on how exactly the blue light harms our skin are still ongoing, 2021 seems to offer more blue-light blockage options for both our skin and our screens.

We recommend Shiseido's mineral-rich sunscreens for protection against these harmful rays.

In addition to the sunscreen creams, don’t forget to check out the screen savers of EyeJust.

3. Hand Care for Every Skin Type

This year, we've washed our hands like never before. Considering that we clean them with disinfectants the rest of the time, there is a lot of pressure on our hands and they need more care than ever. That's why it's not surprising that hand masks are among the best attention-grabbing products of 2020. Consumer interest has increased 606% between February and March, according to Spate. In our opinion, hand masks will attract even more attention in 2021.

Hand masks will become regular and more popular than hand creams.

This self-warming hand mask will make your disinfectant damaged hands more vibrant than before thanks to its intense moisturizing quality.

4. Doldurulabilir Cilt Bakım Ürünleri

We are pleased to announce that environmental friendliness is an important criterion in packaging design in 2020.

We hope that this brand list including refillable skin care products such as Human Race, will be much longer in 2021.

5. Bariyer Onarıcı Kremler

It is possible to say that there is an increase in repair-centered barrier creams of both protective and reparative nature, perhaps in response to the stress of the year. Repair creams strengthen the skin barrier by excluding harmful factors, as well as detaining useful factors inside. A weakened skin barrier as a result of cold weather and physical abrasion, can cause redness, dryness and itching.

Fortunately, barrier-loving lipid ceramides and moisturizers with hyaluronic acid can help strengthen our skin's first line of defense. Beautystat's” Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream " quickly repairs a weakened barrier without irritating the skin with its odorless formula.


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