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A Closer Look To The Underwater World

Underwater is a mysterious world full of wonders, which can be explored in different ways; diving, snorkeling or simply swimming. Thanks to evolving technology and innovative designs, we have recently been introduced to another exceptional way to discover this magical world: personal submarines.

These exciting toys have become increasingly more stylish and sought after, especially for yacht owners and charterers. Dedicated to building the world’s finest submersibles, Triton recently launched the Triton 3300/6, the first 6-person acrylic hulled sub ever to be constructed. Featuring the world’s largest transparent, spherical passenger compartment, the Triton 3300/6 gives an immersive view to the ocean outside. Described as a “salon under the sea”, the luxurious interior comfortably seats its guests while the Tiffany blue exterior appears to disappear once placed in blue waters. The 1000 meter-rated submersible has been optimized for deployment from a superyacht. The six passengers lucky enough to dive in the Triton 3300/6 will experience the journey of a lifetime.


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