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A Riot Of Colors: RIANNA + NINA

We all heard it at least once in our lives: you should not start a business with friends. The stories might change but we are convinced that it’s a recipe for disaster. Although it’s carved in the subconscious with capital letters, some of us manage to ignore this preconceived notion. Those who find the courage to embark on a brand-new adventure in their friends… Rianna Nektaria Kounou and Nina Knaudt crossed paths at a vintage furniture fair where they quickly realized their mutual passion of vintage, vibrant prints and traveling.

One, an expert in vintage and the other, master marketer; the two joined forces to enter a world of color and optimism: RIANNA + NINA. The Berlin-based fashion brand transforms vintage treasures -collected by the duo personally or found through lifelong trusted contacts- into ultra-colorful and couture-like silhouettes. Some of the vintage treasures include 1920s Japanese Obis, silk scarves from the 1980s, embroidered linens from the 1950s. The collection is described as “one-of-akind” and with good reason.

As the fabrics are highly limited and carefully treasure-hunted, there is only one of each from these truly unique pieces. Wouldn’t you like to own an exclusively crafted kimono or dress made from vintage fabrics with a story to tell? Curating a sense of exclusivity is a brilliantly creative idea especially in the digital age. Additionally, RIANNA + NINA launched their first ready-to-wear collection for Spring/Summer 2018 focusing on “va va voom” effect pieces with vibrant prints.

As many brands, including global super brands, started on creating collections for the sake of social media, trend and content consumption are increasing at an alarming rate. One post on Instagram is enough to wear off a coat you have recently bought. Aren’t we all tired of brands exploiting their own heritage by forcing fashion houses to create the same style over and over again just because it is still on demand? Or the carbon copies of the “influencer look” that cancelled individuality? In this climate, one cannot help but admire brands that create their own rules and don’t get caught up in the vicious cycles of fast fashion. Especially brands like RIANNA + NINA which managed to find the perfect formula for sustainable luxury.


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