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Life Is A Stage: Afra Saraçoğlu

She stands out with her talent as well as humility and maturity. Besides, she knows very well what she wants in her professional and personal life. We talked about life and more with young and prominent actress Afra Saraçoğlu.

Crop top, pants: MT1012

You began acting at a very young age. What benefits do you think it has provided you?

Being a part of the industry at an early age means both earning great experiences and being able to risk many mistakes. I believe I’ve learned positive lessons from my mistakes. One of its biggest advantages for me was to learn what to do and especially what not to do at a young age.

What gives you the most comfort while preparing for a role or working in general?

I take comfort in having a mentor whose ideas and feelings I trust. I also feel confident when I’m accompanied by an external perspective during preparation.

Full look: Miu Miu

Following the start of your career, is there a moment you consider a milestone?

Acting on the theatre stage. Performing in a single-act play for 70-80 minutes, without losing my presence in the moment, helped me realise my potential. I think it’s been the biggest realisation in my acting career as well as my inner journey.

We live in an age of digitalisation, and you’re an active user of social media. How do you see the “interwovenness” with the digital world?

I don’t consider myself too engaged in social media. I’m not really an active user there. I use my social media account to create awareness. I prefer to use it to present certain issues, which I believe require both individual and social undertaking of responsibility, to bigger crowds, or to promote a work in which I partake. From a personal perspective as an actress, I think this is a better use for it. I take care to rarely share my personal life and experiences on social media because I believe that the more people are involved in my life, the harder it is for them to give in to the magic of the characters I play.

Body suit: Off White

Shorts: MT1012

Socks, shoes: Miu Miu

Earrings: Prada

We’re hearing more and more about renewing recently. Do you think you’re renewed in any aspect?

Yes, I’m much calmer now whether it’s about incidents, people, or situations.


Coat: Louis Vuitton

Shorts: MT1012

Shoes: Sobe

Sunglasses: Sacred Geometry

Dress: MT1012

Bra, shorts: MT1012


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