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Art for Kindness supports young artists

In light of the strong relationship between the concepts of goodwill and art, women who share a love of arts come together under the roof of “İyilik İçin Sanat Derneği” (Art For Kindness) to introduce young artists to contemporary Turkish art.

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” Henry David Thoreau

Goodness is a popular concept among people and represents a human value that can be expressed in many ways. Usually, it’s associated with doing good for other people, being kind towards them, and respecting those around you. Goodness is a form of behaviour that includes emotions such as love, compassion, generosity, and affection for humanity. Goodness is also one of the common teachings of many religious beliefs. It’s a concept that helps people make themselves and others happy. There’s a strong bond between goodness and art. When it comes to this relationship, goodness becomes something more than just a behaviour we perform for people and turns into a concept that can be expressed through art and is shared by humanity as a value.

In light of the strong relationship between the concepts of kindness and art, women who share a love of arts come together to unite powers under the roof of “İyilik İçin Sanat Derneği” (Art For Kindness) to introduce young artists to contemporary Turkish art. The foundation organises weekly Art Meetings and has so far visited the workshops of more than 400 artists. The foundation volunteers for the mission of communication, coordination, and project development between all the links of the chain of artistic value (including artists, collectors, galleries, fairs, exhibitions, NGOs, universities, local authorities, and ministries) and has carried out many national and international projects in the last eight years. “İyilik İçin Sanat Derneği” will continue to pave the way for promising young artists and introduce them to the art audience and collectors with projects such as “Pasajda Bir Yıl”, “Anadolu’dan İzlenimler”, “Alenen Sanat” in collaboration with Akasya, “Atölye Cer” with the support of Ege Yapı, Young Women Ambassadors of Culture and Art supported by the Consulate of Sweden, Bahçeşehir University Art and Culture Disciplines Certificate Programs, and “İyilik İçin Sanat” Children’s Academy.

“Art is the way to the pinnacle of civilisation. If a nation lacks art and artists, it cannot build a life. Such a nation can be said to have lost something as essential as a leg or an arm. A nation that lacks art has lost one of its main sources of life.”Mustafa Kemal Atatürk “İyilik İçin Sanat Derneği” has ambassadors in 42 cities for the project “Anadolu’dan İzlenimler” which connects Anatolia to Istanbul and in 7 ambassadors for art for the project “Sanat Elçileri.” Spanning 50 cities including Istanbul, the foundation aims to support young promising artists in 81 cities, from various artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, drama, cinema, and music; introduce them to the art audience; and offer visibility to them. The foundation runs charitable promotions at prominent art events such as Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair, Artweeks Akaretler, Art Ankara, and Art Contact to support the visibility of artists joined in its projects and provides the opportunity to develop projects with organisations. Brands that have supported artists through collaboration include Arel University, Boyner, Costa Cafe, Kalamış 39 Sanat Oteli, Maltepe University, Manifesto İletişim Ajansu, and Yeditepe University. “İyilik İçin Sanat Derneği” has created an value of over 80 million Turkish liras to the art economy through purchasing art; donations from corporate funders; manufacturing workshops; exhibition, fair, and art events; promotional works, and international grant projects such as the “European Union Civil Thinking Program.”

“The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

Albert Schweitzer

“İyilik İçin Sanat Derneği” helped artists in the region affected by the earthquake that epicentered in Kahramanmaraş but destroyed 11 cities. Firstly, the foundation decided to carry out a permanent project in the region. Consulted by a council of experts, the foundation decided to build safe spaces for women and children. Psychotherapist Dr. Rahşan Düren and Sociologist and Teacher Aslı Sağal offered their expertise to realise the project “Safe Spaces for Women and Children,” supported by Dinamik Yatırım. The project’s first destination is Lions Tent City, hosting 1,200 people in Hatay, with the support of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. Alpla became the project’s supporter in education. Within the tent city in Antakya, professional training zones are being built with containers and classes to be utilised by young people who are trying to continue their studies in challenging conditions. Besides, the foundation aims to create a human connection with the people in need in the region and plans to host the exhibition “Hope and Action” whose revenue will be donated to the project “Safe Spaces for Women and Children.” Curated by Prof. Dr. Marcus Graf, the preview of the the show was hosted in collaboration with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Inc. on May 11 and was opened to the public on May 12.

Another one of the foundation’s exhibitions was opened at Galeri Deniz, comprising works from the fourth period of the project “Pasajda Bir Yıl.” Featuring 60 works by 9 artists from the project, the selection is curated by Prof. Dr. Nedret Sekban and can be visited at Galeri Deniz at DenizBank Headquarters until July 23. One of the most striking things about the exhibition is the relationship between the first-time-installed workshop and the exhibition space. After seeing the show, visitors can visit the artist workshops downstairs.

“The best portion of a good man's life: his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love.”

William Wordsworth Initiated in the name of good by brave people, this movement of art continues to grow each day. Still, with a long way to go ahead of us, we will continue to teach all segments of society about the love of art and serve to spread social peace and tolerance. We believe goodwill is contagious.


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