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Some friendships last forever. Burak Çelik, Yusuf Çim, and Ekin Mert Daymaz, all young and successful actors at the prime of their careers, have managed to keep their friendship alive after nearly a decade when they met in the beginning of their professional journey. This magnificent trio, who didn’t let long days on the set or busy schedules put some distance between them, has such a strong friendship that they can go for days without seeing each other and continue where they left off once reunited. They’re so close that they describe their bond more like a brotherhood than friendship. We returned to the streets of Istanbul with Burak Çelik, Yusuf Çim, and Ekin Mert Daymaz. Just like their friendship, the streets, from which we’ve been separated for a while, embraced us as if we have never been apart. From Mustafa Nurdoğdu’s lens, with Melisa Cömert’s stylistic touches...

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Bag : Hotiç Burak Çelik Knightwear : Damat Tween, Jacket : Vakko, Pants : Vakko,

Shoes : Elle Ekin Mert Daymaz Knightwear : Damat Tween, Trenchcoat: Vakko, Pants : Hartford Vakkorama, Shoes: Les Benjamins

Suits : Damat Tween

We know that you three are very close friends. How did you meet?

Burak Çelik: We met nine years ago through our manager Ataberk Oral. We have had a candid and strong bond of friendship since the moment we met. Sometimes, we cannot find the time to meet due to busy schedules but when we do, we can continue from where we left off. We have a very strong connection. I’m glad that our paths crossed because these two hold a special place in my heart.

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Burak Çelik Knightwear : Beymen Collection, Pants : Levi’s, Shoes : Hotiç

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Yusuf Çim: When we met, we were all new in the industry. As friends, we supported each other, and it was just the luckiest thing for us. Back then, I was more interested in music and was working on an album. Burak and Ekin started acting in TV series. We’ve become more like brothers than friends. We have the type of friendship that you don’t come across much in this industry. We’ve been inseparable for nearly 10 years and I hope we will have

many more.

Ekin Mert Daymaz: It feels like we’ve been friends for longer than nine years. We sometimes cannot make time for each other because of our busy schedules. Yet, every time we meet, it feels nothing has changed. It just naturally flows, which I think is very important. I feel lucky and blessed to have such beautiful friendships in times like these.

What are the things you most motivate each other about?

BÇ: We motivate each other about everything. It’s a precious feeling to have friends with whom I can share everything. We’re like a family, maybe even closer than that.

YÇ: Back when we first met, when we were really young, we motivated each other and exchanged ideas both in fitness training and acting classes. Then, in time, we started working on different projects. Ekin and I starred in “Çilek Kokusu.” Being in a series with one of my best friends made me very happy and was a great source of motivation. That series was a milestone for us both. Meanwhile, we kept in touch with Burak although we were in different cities. Later, Burak and Ekin starred in the same series.

How do you spend your time together?

BÇ: We love going to the theater or the movies the most. Then, we talk at length about the plays or films we see. We’re also very interested in working out. It is a great source of motivation and pastime for us.

YÇ: We’ve been going on vacations together for a long time. They’re of course immensely fun. Other than that, we also love playing games on PlayStation.

EMD: I think working out and PlayStation are our main activities. We always have fun together no matter what we do.

Yusuf Çim: Knightwear : Mudo, Pants : H&M, Shoes : Les Benjamins

Burak Çelik Knightwear : Damat Tween, Jacket : Vakko, Pans , Shoes : Elle

Ekin Mert Daymaz Knightwear : Damat Tween, Trenchcoat : Vakko, Pants : Hartford Vakkorama, Shoes : Les Benjamins, Sunglasses : Editor's

What was the biggest lesson of the past year for you?

BÇ: One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year is not to make long-term plans and to focus on creating rather than consuming.

YÇ: I think we will be able to perceive the lessons of this year in the long run but so far I’ve learned that health is the most important thing in life. I realized that I needed to care more about my wellbeing. A healthy diet and regular exercise are very important in that regard. I will continue to work out intensely and will not be tempted by unhealthy food despite their charm. I also understood the importance of the internet and technology. Just like the rest of the world, the future of our job lies in digital and social platforms. Broadcasting is gaining the upper hand in the digital realm. As actors, we need to be able to adapt to this transformation. We should also analyze the change in the art world.

EMD: This year, especially during the lockdown, I made some decisions about certain aspects of my life. I think I’ve been listening to myself more, realizing things and becoming more self-aware.

If everything went back to normal, where and how would you like to greet 2021?

BC: I would definitely like to welcome 2021 with my family and friends without having to wear masks or worry. I hope it comes true.

YC: We celebrated the arrival of 2017 in Paris together. I can say it was one of the best New Year’s for me. I’d like to spend this New Year’s Eve with my friends too. If the situation allows, I’d like to be in Madagascar. I imagine that the island of Madagascar would be untouched and fascinating. I’d be very happy to welcome the new year there with my closest friends because I believe we would have so much fun with Ekin and Burak there.

EMD: Like everyone else, I cannot wait for everything to go back to normal. I’d like to greet 2021 by hugging my friends and family. I think we are longing for a hug these days.

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Burak Çelik:

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a great and influential project like Kuruluş Osman.”

How did you get involved in the series “Kuruluş Osman”?

We’ve been talking about it since the beginning of the project but I was able to join the series in the tenth episode due to scheduling conflicts. I’m proud to be included in such a powerful project. I’m glad our paths have crossed.

What made you accept this role and how did you prepare for it?

“Kuruluş Osman” is a big project. I was very excited to partake in such a meaningful project. After hearing the background story of the role they offered, I felt both physically and mentally ready, which was amazing. For a month, I had a training in horseback riding and martial arts. Every day I’m learning something new on set. I can say I’m doing my utmost best to fulfill my responsibilities.

As an actor, how do you feel on the set of “Kuruluş Osman”?

I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a great and influential project. My colleagues are some of the best in what they do, and they’re working hard to do better. We really feel like we’re in that period thanks to the extraordinary set, décor, costume, and hair and makeup teams.

Knitwear: Vakkorama Pants: Academia

Yusuf Çim:

“Akrep has a very strong cast. It’s a very proud moment for me to act alongside with legendary Demet Akbağ. I believe the audience will love the series.

The series “Akrep” is counting down the days to debut its adventure on TV. How did you end up on the series?

It all started when the series’ executive producer Ms. Arzu called my manager. Then, I read the script and was mesmerized by the story. It was a role I’ve been waiting for a long time. I believe the audience will enjoy watching it.

What made you accept this role and how did you prepare for it?

The biggest factor was the script. I was very impressed with the script and felt quite ready for the role. I was happy to see İrfan Şahin, one of the most prominent names in the industry, to start such a wondrous project. I was even more motivated upon my conversation with the director Gokçen Usta regarding the details. The series has a very strong cast. It’s a very proud moment for me to act alongside with legendary Demet Akbağ. Evrim Alasya performs magnificently. We have a great energy when we have a scene together. I believe the audience will love the series. I’ve been preparing for my role under the guidance of Durul Bazan with whom I’ve been working for a long time. After a two or three month period with Durul, I was finally ready for my role.

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