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Bensu In Wonderland

The most important factor in loving myself is my admiration to the strong bond between my soul and my body.

On this glamorous journey to Bensu’s wonderland, we discover her sources of motivation, self-love and little known facts. When Bensu’s iconic beauty meets the sparkling jewels of Bee Goddess, the results are unsurprisingly amazing.

Jewels: Bee Goddess

What do you think is the formula of loving yourself?

I see my soul and my body as two best friends. If one of them gets hurt, the other one will be the healer. The most important factor in loving myself is my admiration to the strong bond between my soul and my body.

What is your biggest dream?

A wonderland where only me, my family and my friends existed along with all kinds of animals. And on this land, everyone would be equal. This is my biggest impossible dream.

Jewels: Bee Goddess

How big is the possibility of loving someone without loving yourself?

I know a lot of people that are in this situation. But I think most of them is not loving the other person fully. If someone doesn’t love themselves, most of the time it means that they grew up without love. I don’t think it’s possible for someone without growing up with love to be able to know that feeling or feel that way about someone else.

Jewels: Bee Goddess

What’s your favourite thing about you?

To be able to look on the bright side. This gives me comfort.

Jewels: Bee Goddess

When was the last time you celebrated YOU?

Just two or three days ago. I was sketching, I really liked it and told myself ‘you go girl!’ I think we always need to value ourselves more.

Could you accept someone for who they are?

If I really love someone, usually the negative traits are the small stuff. I try to change them but if that doesn’t happen, I will accept them for who they are.

Jewels: Bee Goddess

What makes you happy in deep sense?

Good health for me, for my family and for my loved ones. A peaceful and tolerant country.

Jewels: Bee Goddess

What project you are most proud of?

I am proud of each and every one of my projects. For this reason, I consider myself lucky.

Jewels: Bee Goddess

What are your upcoming projects?

I will be working on a digital project. We haven’t started shooting yet.

Jewels: Bee Goddess


Editor-in-Chief: İrem Sent & Selim Can Çelik

Digital Content Manager: Gökhan Ünal

Photography: Memet Erol

Photography Assistants: Melis Albayrak, Yusuf Erol

Styling: Şeyda Sözüer

Hair: İbrahim Zengin

Hair Assistant: Ferit Karahan

Makeup: Selen Karabulut

Production: Müge Sarıoğlu

Production Assistants: Bilun Atikkan, Yasemin Yıldırımgeç

Special Thanks to The Nobu Istanbul Suite at Ritz Carlton Istanbul


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