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Birds of a feather

Kenan:Bathing suit: Vakkorama H2O, T-shirt: Banana Republic, Kimono: Giray Sepin Loafer / Loafers: Massimo Dutti, Sunglasses: Dolce&Gabbana Canan: Sweater: Vakko, Shorts: Balmain/Beymen, Sandalet / Sandals: Khaite/Beymen, Kolye / Necklace: Ponponiere, Cuff, Cuff, bracelet: Mers, Earrings: Mirela Cerica Ozan: Vest: Giray Sepin, Shorts: Levi's, Sneakers: Nike, Sunglasses: Persol

Can you tell us your fondest childhood memory?

Kenan: I think, for me, it was our family picnics. I felt like the happiest kid in the world. And of course, my first times on stage, starting from when I was five.

Ozan: When I was six, I received the “Artist of the Year” award at a special occasion held at the Sports and Exhibition Hall - with my father’s support, of course. It’s the happiest memory from my childhood, and I still remember it.

Canan: My parents founded a music and ballet school. My happiest memories are from that place. I grew up dancing ballet and playing the piano. Every year, we would stage ballet performances, costume events, and piano recitals. I think growing up in a colourful world is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I also studied at the conservatory, so music filled every moment of my life. I would practice playing the piano when my friends were out on the street, playing. Every year, my mother would also organize birthday parties with puppets for me, they take part in my best childhood memories as well.

Canan: Bathing suit, hat, belt: Normaillot Pants: Vakko, Slippers: Balmain/Beymen Ozan: Shirt, shorts: Zegna/Beymen T-shirt: Banana Republic, Sneakers: Nike Sunglasses: Dolce&Gabbana

Who in your family has had the biggest influence on you?

Kenan: It was a pleasure to witness the strength of my mother. She made a great effort at a young age with three kids. She was hard-working, selfless, and organized enough to equally give each of us attention. If you know me, you know how much I admire my father, Yurdaer Doğulu, but my real hero is my mother, Serpil Doğulu. She brings colour to life. Wherever she goes, she carries goodness with her.

Ozan: The person in my family who had the biggest influence on me is my late father who set me on my journey in music at an early age, instilled the love of music in me, and taught us so much. Since my father passed away at a young age, I also have a very strong bond with my mother and have been greatly influenced by her.

Canan: My mother. She lost her partner in life at a young age, kept loving him, and embraced life with both hands along with her kids. She has a vibrant positive energy and always a smile on her face. She does everything in life with love. She’s very talented, helpful, and tender-hearted. She has a young spirit and is a woman of love who’s admired by everyone in her life. Both of my parents are my idols, muses, and joys in life.

Ozan: Shirt: Bluemint/BeymenJacket: Palm Angels/Beymen Sunglasses: Dolce&Gabbana Kenan: Shirt: Emperio Armani/Beymen Shorts: Napapijri/Beymen Sneakers: Bottega Veneta/Beymen Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

If you could have a personality trait of your siblings, what and who would it be?

How would you define that person in three words?

Kenan: I’d like to have Canan’s tactfulness and empathy. I could describe her as emotional, meticulous, and naive. Ozi is always happy; he sees the humorous aspects of life. He’s one of those people who you want to be with 24/7 . I’d define him with skill, intelligence, and friendship.

Canan: I’d like to stay as calm and positive as Kenan in every situation. He’s a superhero who can see the glass half-full even in the darkest times. He’s calm, patient, and understanding.

Kenan: Shirt: Balmain/Beymen Pants: Giray Sepin Sneakers: Nike

What’s the oldest tradition in your family? How often do you get together as one big family?

Kenan: The oldest tradition in our family is the pocket-money ceremony during holidays. All members of the family try to be there. Then we get in line from the oldest in the family to the youngest and start kissing the hands of the elderly. The oldest person in the family sits down and the rest gets in the line. We make sure to get together to celebrate special days such as birthdays and holidays. Every year, my mother hosts a New Year feast and cooks delicious dishes. There have been many times we turned down concerts outside town just for that reason. Our family occasions are filled with music and fun. We talk about new demos and projects, save the world with politics for a while, and listen to each other’s problems. However, it always ends with dances, singing, and games.

Ozan: The oldest tradition I could remember is the handkissing ceremony on holidays where we get in line to celebrate with each other. Family dinners are very fun and positive at our house. We eat good food and talk about good things. And, at the end, we make music. I play the piano; Kenan plays the guitar and sings. We try to get together as much as we can for holidays, birthdays, and the New Year.

Canan: We try to get together every chance we get. My mother is a wonderful cook, and her New Year feasts are very popular in the family. Wishing each other a happy holiday is a family tradition. We get together with the senior members of the family along with cousins, nephews, and nieces. We get in line from the oldest person to the youngest and kiss the hands of those who are older. We sit around one big table to eat, have fun, and sing together.

Kenan: Shirt: Moeva Bathing suit: Bluemint Sunglasses: Dolce&Gabbana

Do you have a nickname in the family?

Kenan: I usually call them Canoş and Ozi. Ozi calls me “bro” and Canan calls me “big brother” or Ken.

Ozan: They usually call me Ozi. Kenan is Ken and Canan is Cancan, or Canoş. They’re more like short versions of our names rather than nicknames.

Canan: Mine is Canoş and Cancan.

Canan: Bikini: Anais&Margaux Jacket: Emre Erdemoğlu Sandals: Khaite/Beymen

If your extended family had a movie of its own, what would it be its main song?

Kenan: “Tencere Kapak”

What was your biggest act of rebellion when you were young?

Kenan: When I was 16, I secretly took my mom’s car and crashed it. I lost all the money I had by playing guitar and singing at small bars and clubs and had to spend all my earnings to pay the debt for the next six months. I was really embarrassed about it, and had difficult time back than but now, we just I learned my lesson and laugh about it.

Görsel1/2: Görsel3: Triko / Shirt: Bottega Veneta/Beymen Pantolon / Pants: Gabriele Pasini/Beymen Loafer / Loafers: Tod's/Beymen Gözlük / Sunglasses: Dolce&Gabbana

Görsel4: Triko / Shirt: Beymen Collection Ceket / Jacket: Academia/Beymen Mayo / Bathing suit: Moeva Güneş gözlüğü / Sunglasses: Editöre ait / Editor's own

What is the most important lesson or principle your parents taught you and you are teaching to your kids?

Ozan: First and foremost, be a good person. Discard bad thoughts, always be positive and hardworking. Live healthy and with music.

Ozan: Shirt, shorts: Zegna/Beymen T-shirt: Banana Republic, Sneakers: Nike Sunglasses: Dolce&Gabbana

How does it feel to be the only daughter in such an energetic and artistic family?

Canan: I think my biggest luck in life is that I was born to a family who’s passionate about music and art. You better understand its value as you get older. I wouldn’t change the spiritual benefits and inspiration music has brought me for the world. Being in the next room when “Kurşun Adres Sormaz Ki” was being composed, or listening to the ‘90s Turkish hits before everyone else… My childhood is filled with memories like this. I want to teach this to my children and to raise them in a musical and artistic environment.






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