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Discover Gucci Garden Archetypes

For its 100th anniversary, Gucci celebrates the House’s creative vision with an immersive multimedia experience. Named after philosopher and psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s famous archetypes, which simply means the original form from which all copies are made, never able to recreated in itself; Gucci Garden Archetypes, the extensive exhibition showcases the dreamy and escapist image of Gucci through the eyes of the creative director Alessandro Michele.

Although, Gucci Garden opened its doors in Florence, the virtual iteration of this multimedia experience is available for everyone until May 31. Partnering with global gaming platform Roblox, digital rendering is divided into several themes each paying homage to a different era to Michele’s six years at the House, inspired by the physical location.

Upon entering the virtual Gucci Garden experience, users will shed their previously chosen avatars and transform into neutral, genderless and ageless humanoid-shaped mannequins - Roblox’s signature rectangular figures. Exploring the space, these mannequins will “absorb” parts of the archetypes and retain fragments from each space across their silhouettes. As players move through the rooms and pick up unique designs along the way, each user will emerge as a one-of-a-kind, Gucci-embossed creation.

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