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Each Creation Is A New Birth

Rebirth... Is it possible to be born again while life keeps moving forward and we are trying to catch up with it? I believe it is. And I believe a study of the past would agree with me.

Right after greeting life for the first time (which I believe to be a phase), we experience many births, death, and rebirth. Nature is the place where I draw inspiration. Indeed, it is a stage where “rebirth” happens every second.

For instance, each production is a new birth. In the crazy adventure we call life, it was a wild enough decision to become a film producer in Turkey. I was thrilled to hear that the theme of this issue was “rebirth” because it has a personal meaning in many aspects - because, for me, it means hope, experience, and coming to an understanding of life that is free of judgement.

Renaissance is the most meaningful and inspirational period in history where rebirth meets art. Etymologically, it means “rebirth.” There are a number of explanations why our paths are still illuminated by the artworks from Renaissance, which followed the Middle Ages in Europe and both re-examined older concepts and brought along innovations in politics, culture, science, art, architecture, and education. The first is that the world is an interesting place that is worth researching, the second is that humans are formidable and productive, and the third is that reality is beautiful when one can manage to see it.

In light of this information, I want to talk about the “rebirth” aspects of my profession. Life is not a state with a beginning and an end for the creatures in nature. Everything has a spirit and, indeed, anything (whether living or inanimate) can be born again or come into being.

Let’s think about the creation of a film project. First, the screenwriter/director has a stock of incidents and characters. Then an idea develops, giving shape to these elements. Sometimes, we are worn out or controlled by the reality we create. This process gives birth to a new work. Then, the film meets the audience in a theatre. This is a greeting for the audience while it is a farewell for creators. I personally feel the pangs of a new birth while the final credits of each of my films flow through the screen.

This holds true for all artworks and any kind of creation in nature. That’s why I associate rebirth with hope, along with creativity. Even if the creator of an artwork is no longer physically present in this world, they are born again and again every time someone cites, watches, reads, or visits their work.

The miracle of rebirth is always right beside us, and all the answers we are looking for can be found in nature and in life itself. The key is to see and to embrace it.


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