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Emily In Paris Syndrome

As the trailer of the new season is going around the internet we thought it’s time to remember first the season of Emily in Paris and take a look at all the misconceptions about Paris. Darren Star, the creator of Sex and the City, tries to show charming and beautiful Paris in a new light while still giving us a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw vibes. Marketing executive Emily who moves to Paris for a job with the goal of bringing an American perspective to the French agency. With a brand new motto of ‘more work, more love’, Star, takes our strong and independent lead lady by the hand as she tries to navigate her life through personal and romantic relationships. Prepare your macarons and sit back cause we’re about to break the Paris cliches in Hollywood.

Dolce far Niente

Most of us are familiar with this Italian expression from Eat, Pray, Love which means ‘beauty of doing nothing’. On her first day, Emily shows up at her office very early and to her surprise no one is there to let her in. After some time her colleagues come and make fun of the situation while blaming her for being a workaholic. When one of her colleagues say ‘French people work to live whereas Americans live to work’, Emily takes pride in that instead of feeling uncomfortable. However, don’t fall for this misconception as everyone works hard for the money in real life.

Game of Love

Of course it’s not Emily’s fault that Paris is associated with romance. We already knew that from Amelie. We found the love that we thought we lost with Julie Delpy before sunset and try to make it right through time travel with Marion Cotillard at midnight. Yet, none of these movies questioned love as much as Emily did. For some reason, every man in the series are strangely attracted to Emily including one of her best friend’s boyfriend Gabriel. As overly flirtatious French men get turned on by extra-marital love our innocent young lady become more irresistible. Towards the end she also finds herself in a love triangle and becomes ‘more French’ as a result. We are not sure if this is what’s meant by ‘love is a game’ but it seems like our beloved lead is in for more chaos in season 2.

One Person, One Language

One of the weirdest thing that we need to address is probably the language dilemma. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that Emily who doesn’t speak a word of French would land a job at a marketing agency where a language proficiency required. What is even more ridiculous is that apparently in Paris people are either speaking fluent English or none. While everyone at Emily’s agency speak English quite well, all the side characters like florists or waiters can’t even answer the simplest questions without giving her judgmental looks. We are all familiar with the cliche that French are nationalist but this xenophobia is too much even for Hollywood.

So what are your expectations from the season 2, coming on Dec 22?


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