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Is The History Of Nature Being Rewritten?

Nature has managed to demonstrate her mastery through her creations. Contrasting colours, surprising sounds, unbelievable creatures; all in all, an ecosystem in perfect harmony. As humans, how have we managed to coexist with this mastery? Although our species is quick to adopt new concepts such as “eco-concerns,” we clearly have a long way to go.

Nature has been in distress for a long time, trying to tell something to humankind. Turkey, Greece, some parts of Europe, and North America have experienced the biggest and most fearsome fires in history. Though it’s seemed natural to see forest fires, especially during summer months, we see these disasters occur more and more frequently around the world. As the global alarm bells continue ringing, we’re once again faced with the question why humanity is still dealing with forest fires, an occurrence dealt with since the dawn of civilization. A great number of people are asking why forests are on fire and who’s responsible!

The answer may be complicated; however, at the heart of the problem lies a destructive combination of climate change and reckless use of land. If we’ve learned one thing from all this, it’s that people are more co-dependent than we could guess. No matter where we live or do for a living, we share the same hopes and dreams—breathing clean air, drinking clean water, and leaving a habitable planet for our kids. Climate change calls for emergency action and, as a species, our most important responsibility is to preserve the ecosystems on which our lives depend and to immobilize every resource to restore the planet.

The use of the word “resource” reminds us of an enterprise supported by Bill Gates. We continue to imagine a world where we can be sure that self-conflicting solutions, such as spraying dust into the atmosphere to prevent further global warming, will not harm our dear old planet. While questioning and thinking about all this, let’s steer ourselves towards motivated and eco-friendly approaches that will make the world a better place!

The world is changing, and nature is masterfully renewing herself. The steps that need to be taken to reduce ecological problems are quite clear. It’s time to lend an ear to nature by taking necessary actions such as using electric vehicles, energy-saving tech products, and clean energy.


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