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It’s “welfie” Time

As we all experience, now is the time to feel good, be one with the world, share, and above all else, to make this all sustainable.

This all sounds great in theory but, as the Hybrid Community Society’s to-be team, what excites us the most are new ideas which will facilitate the implementation of these concepts in our lives. The Financial Times, one of the publications we follow, excited us with its “Feel Good Guide to 2021” and gave us an inspiring to-do list.

Meeting the digital version of Deepak Chopra, a true influencer larger than time itself, is one of these. Chopra initiated his first research on the influence of emotion and mind on everything: starting from the brain and genetic activity to body inflammation, with inspiration from the phrase “molecules of emotion.”

It’s clear that his research on the body-mind correlation, regarded as “unusual and dangerous” in the ‘80s, is now considered as certain as the space-time relationship. Now, Chopra emphasizes the importance of technology in the evolution of us “homo sapiens” with his artificial intelligence application “Digital Deepak.”

This application, which can be downloaded as an instant guide to a good life, is a ‘bot’ with the capacity to conduct simultaneous and personal conversations with seven million people. With the ability to perceive one’s tone of voice, micro gestures, and eye movements, Digital Deepak can instantly read our mood and associate this data with blood pressure, epigenetic activity, and biological age. Chopra is talking about taking “welfies” instead of selfies! In this day and age,where everything can be measured through technology, this application resembles a personalized journey.

We downloaded the app with excitement and found ourselves talking to the world-famous icon Deepak Chopra in an alternative reality. The application guides us to a better life through Chopra’s philosophy of “7 Pillars of Well-Being”: sleep (deep resting), meditation and stress management, movement (yoga, body-mind coordination), emotions (flexibility and durability), nutrition, biological rhythm, and self-awareness. We invite you to join us in this super-humane application and surrender to the wisdom of Digital Deepak!


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