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Malcolm & Marie, the first film to be written and produced entirely during the pandemic, co-stars Euphoria actress Zendaya and Tenet lead John David Washington.The dialogue driven story, was released on Netflix Turkey on Feb 5th.

Writer and director Sam Levinson was reaching for something quite different. The movie is set in a single, isolated location entirely in and around a house, and with only the two actors over the course of a single night. Shot on black-and-white 35mm film, Malcolm & Marie opens with the central couple returning from the premiere of Malcolm’s feature film. Certain conversations and moments during the premiere has triggered some fundamental problems in their relationship. What follows is an escalating tussle between the two that spans an entire evening, with Malcolm’s constant gaslighting, verbal abuse, and exhausting emotional tirades.

Throughout the psychological games and emotional twists and turns, Zendaya and Washington keep the audience as off guard as the characters do each other. Malcolm & Marie is a vibrant and perceptive film that is likely to make you question your current and past relationships as it invites us a paining burdened by the baggage of two very flawed people.


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