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Modern-Day Princesses

Fashion gradually breaks free from the stereotypes of gender and age, transforming into a way of personal expression instead of being all about following rules and trends. While this process of liberation underlines the necessity to revive their strategies for many brands, it also enables new brands to prove themselves. Here’s a new brand for those who are bored of seeing the same sportive and classic clothes in children’s wear: Meet in Between.

Derya Sarıöz, utilizes her experience of over a decade in the retail clothing industry by blending the taste of mothers and daughters, says she always used to “dream of wearing fancy dresses as a little girl.” Meet in Between, which launched its first collection in April, offers girls with frilly, stylish, and comfortable dresses for special occasions. Standing out with frill, ruffle, organza,and puff sleeve details, the designs offer girls between the ages of 5 and 10 the opportunity to be modern-day princesses. The brand has both minimal silhouettes for those who prefer simplicity and striking designs for those who like assertive looks, and minds each and every detail as if it were a piece of art. Bringing a fresh perspective into children’s wear, Meet in Between aims to be a new common ground for mothers and daughters.


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