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Must-Have Products For Timeless Beauty

Have you ever heard of “Clean Girl Aesthetics”? Or the latest “Mob Wife” trend that’s goingviral on TikTok? As beauty trends become increasingly fast-moving and spread faster and faster through online and social media, one question inevitably arises – is there such a thing as timeless beauty? While trends come and go, and the colour of the year changes from Barbie pink to peachy orange, there a few products that I find are timeless staples and stick to in my daily routine, no matter the trend.


Clear skin is always in! As someone who’s had combination skin all her life and has been struggling with acne, trust me when I say, it all comes downto the Cleanser. The right one will make your life a lot easier. To find the cleansing product that is right for you, look for a product that’s not too aggressive and doesn't damage your skin barrier; however,it should still be effective at removing makeup,dirt and pollution from the environment. A good all-rounder that I find works for many is Youth to the People’s Kale + Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Superfood Cleanser.


Now that we have thoroughly cleansed our skin, next up: Hydration. Again, with this product, it is even more important to pick something that works for your skin type! It might contain the best ingredients and the most nourishing oils, but if the cream doesn't suit your skin type, you won't get the results you want from it. Personally, I’m a big fan of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Face Creams. She offers one for every skin type and need, from hydrating and anti-aging to brightening and clarifying. Please don’t choose a hydrator with SPF included, you would have to use at least half a teaspoon of the probably expensive cream to achieve the protection indicated on the packaging. That's why I always recommend using a separate sunscreen - and yes, even if it's cloudy outside!


Even though I'm not a fan of heavy contouring, a little concealer here and there helps to highlight the right facial features and hide imperfections. YSL's ToucheÉclat has graced the beauty bestseller lists for years

- and not without reason. Nothing else conceals dark circles so well and reflects the light at the same time to create healthy glowing skin.


If you have absolutely no time in the mornings but want to look put together, use two things: concealer and mascara! Two minutes and you’re good to go without looking like you just rolled out of bed. While I do like to splurge on skincare, you can find great mascara at the drugstore for a reasonable price. My current favourite is one from essence called Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara.

body peeling

This is for when it’s time for the “Everything Shower”! You know the one that takes about three times longer than your usual shower, you scrub yourself from scalp to toe and come out silky smooth? When it’s time for me, I take out Aesop’s Redemption Body Scrub. My skin has never felt so smooth.

bonus: supplements

Western science is finally catching up to what the traditional healing arts such as Ayurveda which have been known for centuries: our body is a highly sensitive holistic system that needs to be kept in balance. Turns out, we weren't so far off when we said, “You are what you eat”, and despite a balanced, healthy diet, many of us experience a lack of nutrients. Since adding supplements to my diet, I can feel the effects all over my body, including increased energy, deeper sleep and healthier, clearer skin and I wouldn’t want to miss them anymore.

No matter the current beauty trends, these products will always be “in”. Nothing beats soft, glowing skin, being healthy and feeling good in your own body. Now it’s up to you to decide for yourself, what timeless beauty means to you.


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