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A Refined And Modern Touch

A renowned representative of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, Nobu Istanbul blends a unique atmosphere with a dream-like accommodation experience. Inspired by Istanbul in terms of its special concept design, Nobu continues to reflect the energy of the city onto the suite in the best way possible. One of the favoured restaurants in the city, Nobu Istanbul opens doors to magical moments for its guests with the suite housed in The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul. Nobu Suite, designed in harmony with Nobu’s style, enables guests to see all colours of Istanbul, accompanied with the spectacular peacefulness and the perfect view of the Bosphorus. Situated at the heart of the city, the suite is designed by esteemed architect Severine Tatangelo. Bringing modern Japanese approaches with a local touch for a refined accommodation experience, Nobu Istanbul Suite creates a comfortable ambiance with its meticulously calculated and designed details. Reflecting a modern vision that mixes Japanese traditions with urban culture, the suite opens up to a large terrace which includes a Jacuzzi, a rarity in the region, and a dining area.

Thanks to the other room connecting to the living area, Nobu Suite offers the ideal of the warmth of home interpreted with a contemporary style, for families and groups alike. There’s an intense relationship between the interior décor and lighting specs that prioritise natural lighting, and the suite’s view of the Bosphorus. The green-hued wallpaper, featuring Nobu Istanbul’s style and vision, is used to reflect the light back into the suite. The bathroom décor is an essential aspect of the suite and includes an ofuro tub that is believed to cleanse the soul and to improve one’s well-being according to Japanese traditions. The Jacuzzi on the terrace overlooks the panoramic view in the heart of the city and bears traditional traces. Maximising the level of comfort and relaxation for guests as per the Far Eastern culture, Nobu Suite promises an extraordinary experience with its bath and Jacuzzi. Donned with a more contemporary style with the colours, textures, and materials of Istanbul, Nobu Suite guests should expect refined housing options, an exquisite understanding of service, and luxury accommodation. The suite with a terrace can also be reserved for special events and occasions. Guests of the suite wake up to the peerless view of the Bosphorus and have the chance to begin the day with the tranquillity of sunlight filling the room.


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