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Of The Same Mind

Famous actress Esra Dermancıoğlu, who has earned herself a place in the hearts of the audience with her unforgettable performances on screen and candidly fun posts on social media, says the hours she spends talking with her daughter Refia are the most valuable thing in life. We talked to both about the subtleties of the motherdaughter relationship.

Esra: Dress: Baqa Cape: Baqa Shoes: Alexander Wang/Vakko Earrings: Begüm Khan Refia: Vest: Faraway Skirt: Faraway Shoes: Manu Atelier Necklace: Mon Reve Bijoux

What’s the biggest lesson motherhood has taught you?

Esra: It’s not really a lesson but when I became a mother, I better understood what responsibility is. I feel more responsible for her than I myself.

Would you describe a perfect day with your daughter?

Esra: For us, a perfect day is usually like this: We cook, talk, and laugh for hours at home. Laughing at the same things and to having the same sense of humour with my daughter is a real blessing. Refia and I are of the same mind, and the most valuable thing for us is the time we spend together.

What’s the favourite thing about your family with your mother?

Refia: I think the secret to a happy family lies in not having secrets, sharing happy memories and growing together. That’s what we do. The most important thing is freedom. We both are free-spirited and there are no strict rules at home. That’s what I love the most about our family.

How do you spend time with your mother? What do you enjoy doing when you’re together?

Refia: My favourite thing to do with my mother is when we run into each other in the kitchen in the middle of the night, realize we’re both hungry, and eat together. And of course, the long talks.

What does love mean to you, did your perspective on love change after becoming a mother?

Esra: No, it didn’t change. To be honest, I was pretty much the same person after giving birth but, of course, you feel more responsible. When you’re a mother, your worries and concerns grow bigger as your child gets older. I believe it’s a good thing that I haven’t changed because you kind of grow along with your kid. And that’s very valuable.

Esra: Blouse: Baqa Trousers: Baqa Earrings: Begüm Khan Refia: Jacket: Outkast People/Vakkorama Shoes: Faraway Earrings: Elçin Dağlaroğlu Bracelet: Juju

If your daughter could live one moment from your life, what would you want it to be?

Esra: The loveliest memories were the trips to Europe we took ever since I was a kid, even a baby. We would start from Istanbul and drive around Europe, and we would do this every summer. I think it’s an amazing experience for a kid. I’d love Refia to have that.

In which ways do you think you two are most alike?

What do you admire the most in your mother? Refia: We both are free-spirited. We’re also very creative and enjoy dancing when we’re on our own. I admire how my mother keeps walking her own path no matter what happens in life.

Esra: Blouse: Nisse/Gizia Gate

Earrings: Elçin Dağlaroğlu Refia: Crop blouse:

Nocturne/L'appartist Skirt: Vakkorama Necklace: Mon Reve Bijoux

What are your dreams about the future? In the future what would make you say ‘yes, I am happy’?

Refia: I have a lot of dreams, but first and foremost, I’d like to have my own approval. That’d make me very happy.

Esra: Blouse: Baqa Earrings: Begüm Khan Refia: Bustier: Network/L'appartist Skirt: Network/L'appartist Earrings: Elçin Dağlaroğlu Bracelet: Mon Reve Bijoux





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