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Once Upon A Brand

When it comes to brand communications, storytelling is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Once this powerful tool is combined with mega brands’ creative direction and vision, results could be highly profitable. From social responsibility initiatives to scholarship programs, artist collaborations to collection launches; Saint Laurent, Fendi, Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana and Breitling are among those successful brands that master the art of storytelling.

Summer of ’21

After a collaboration on Lux Æterna in 2019 , Gaspar Noé reteams with Saint Laurent with a short film called "Summer of '21" to showcase the brand's Spring / Summer 2021 collection. Paying homage to Dario Argento's cult movie Suspiria, the short film takes us on an enigmatic journey under Noé's unusual style - a mix pleasure and terror - and Saint Laurent's iconic designs. The legendary actress and muse of the fashion house, Charlotte Rampling plays the leading role.

Fendi Renaissance - Anima Mundi

Announced by Fendi on June 20 2020, Fendi Renaissance - Anima Mundi project is defined as "an expression of creative freedom and rebirth". With this project, Fendi aims to celebrate the impact of art, music and fashion in our daily lives. Following Rome, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul installment, the new Fendi Renaissance series debuts and exciting new collaboration with The Juillard School in New York City. The previous cities showcased performances of classical music masterpieces whereas in New York, Fendi chose a fresh approach to celebrate the American tradition of jazz with young talents. Fendi is also starting a donation program with Juilliard towards scholarships to support student-artists majoring in artistic disciplines.

Lincanto Invisibile

"L'incanto Invisibile", a collaboration between Brunello Cucinelli and director Virgilio Villoresi, was released on December 11 2020. Carolina Cucinelli introduced the project by saying, "L'incanto Invisibile takes the audience on a journey to discover our invisible connections." In the film, we witness the journey of a thread moving between the past, present and the future, which represents the ties that bring between people, places, memories and traditions.

Loro Piana joined forces with Marie Watt, one of the leading artists of the Seneca tribe, at the launch of its permanent new store in New York's Meatpacking district. The project named #LoroPianaBlanketStories approaches blankets, which are among the first products ever produced, as a social and cultural responsibility. Loro Piana will donate one blanket for every purchase to Save the Children Association. To generate buzz, the brand worked with famous donors such as Luke Evans, Olivia Palermo, Dakota Fanning, Suki Waterhouse and Frieda Pinta. The donated blankets also includes its own little narrative written by its giver. Additionally, Watt supported the projects by creating three installations, using only blankets donated by the donors, which will be displayed in store until January 31.

Breitling Century For Qhubeka

Due to the pandemic, Breitling's CEO Georges Kern and the brand's triathlon team Jan Frodeno, Daniela Ryf, Ronnie Schildknecht, Jan van Berkel and Maximilian Schachmann were unable to attend 2020‘s charity event, which is held in Cape Town every year to support cycling and cyclists. Therefore, Breitling decided to take the event global with the Breitling Century to show their support. The event was actived globally on Strava, the leading social platform for athletes. It gave cyclists, wherever they were, the chance to join the Breitling Squad and support Qhubeka with their own century (100-kilometer) race. The Breitling squad completed their own mission in Palma, following Covid-19 guidelines.


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