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Pack Your Bags, We Are Going to Space

The mysterious concept of “space travel" which maintains its popularity even today, had started when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon on July 20. Even more so now that NASA's exploration vehicle Perseverance landed on Mars last Thursday after a seven-month journey. Perseverance will gather information about an enduring question: has life ever emerged on Mars?

Various companies are already working on implementing "space tourism" projects as space travel is likely to happen in near future. NASA's Commercial Crew Program is working with SpaceX and Boeing to build a spacecraft that will take people into orbit. The Axiom Space company, founded by NASA's former International Space Station (ISS) manager Michael Sufferdini, plans to set up a space hotel called AxSation in 2028. Additionally, British company Virgin Galactic and Amazon's Blue Origin company are preparing to make "space travellers" travel in a gravity-free environment by conducting orbital subspace tourism.

So, what will we wear in space?

As modern tourist-astronauts, we will be traveling to space soon, but what we will wear there is the real question. Some brand and companies are already creating custom spacesuits with a modern style for passengers. Virgin Galactic introduced its breathable, flexible, gold-patterned, wide-pocketed, navy blue spacesuit, designed in collaborated with Under Armor last year. NASA astronauts will wear clothes designed for SpaceX by Jose Fernandez, renowned Hollywood costume designer. Furthermore, Boeing's astronauts will go to space in Boeing Blue spacesuits inspired by the Star Wars movie.

For those who say "I have nothing to wear in space!”, we rounded up the lewks that will inspire you while you prepare your "space suitcase”.

Iris Van Herpen - Fall/Winter 2019 I Chanel - Fall/Winter 2017 I Hussein Chalayan - Spring/Summer 2007 I Balenciaga - Fall/Winter 2021 I Paco Rabanne - 1996

Versace - Fall/Winter 2016 I Dior - Pre-Fall 2019 I Alpha Industries I Hysek - IO Skeleton Tourbillon I Raf Simons - 2013

Extra: Malle Mars (Louis Vuitton-2009)


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