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As a professional makeup artist, celebrations are a big part of my job. But when I think about what celebration means, for me, the concept reveals ideas of new beginnings, happiness, and hope. At times of celebration, I always strive to feel my absolute best, and I believe this is always achieved with small touches. For example, putting on my favourite pair of jeans, fashioning my hair into a simple ponytail, or even sprinkling a touch of shimmer on my eyes can make me look and feel good.

For most people, and women, in particular, celebratory events are often instances in which they stray away from their own true selves in order to look as though they have made an “effort”. I believe that whatever the occasion, one must always stay true to themselves and their authentic character. This means that you don’t have to force a “look” on yourself –however trendy that look may be. All you have to do is find whatever makes you feel like you.

For special occasions, my most advised tip is to always concentrate on beautiful and healthy-looking skin. To achieve this, using a blusher is a must. My blusher of choice is always a rosy, sun- kissed tone. Then come the eyes... For me, an unforgettable look is achieved by using lashings of mascara and perhaps a light shimmery eyeshadow. To finish off, a dewy lip that is a similar tone to my blush completes the look. When embracing new beginnings, celebrations, and all great things to come, we should always make sure to feel our absolute best; that way we are guaranteed to have the best time possible.


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