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The Magnificent Trio: Raisa, Vanessa and Ralph Sason

Raisa, Vanessa, and Ralph Sason - three siblings who stand out with their achievements: the first two in fashion with their brand RaisaVanessa, and the last in the world of gastronomy. This trio loves spending time with each other, and they had a lot of fun in this photo shoot.

People usually say that twins are very much like one another. Let us ask you about the differences.

Raisa: Most people find it hard to tell us apart since we’re identical twins, but we’re different in character. I think what sets us apart the most is the way we make decisions.

How does it feel to always spend time with someone who looks exactly like you?

Vanessa: Although being two people makes some things easier at work, we sometimes have differences of opinion or conflicts since we’re together 24/7. However, nothing could describe the happiness of sharing life with someone who has the same energy as you and is always supportive.

How does your closeness affect your relationship with other people, especially with Ralph?

Raisa: No matter how busy we are, we make sure to spend time with Ralph. Vanessa: We’re so used to sharing all aspects of life that I think Ralph, or even our mother, sees us as a single person sometimes.

Ralph, how does it feel to grow up with older twin sisters?

Ralph: When you spend time with Raisa and Vanessa, you find yourself surrendering to a flow of big energy and fast locomotion. It’s a delightful feeling. We’ve always loved to share and to spend time with one another, and it makes me very happy. I think it’s beautiful and precious that we get to be both siblings and close friends.

You chose a different path from your sisters and entered the world of gastronomy, which was one of the most affected industries during the pandemic. How did you manage this?

Ralph: For me, gastronomy transformed from an interest into a profession. The pandemic was a unique opportunity to create new projects and to learn more about “bio-farming.” I made an effort to improve myself and to turn this period into an advantage.

Do you think being twins gives you certain advantages when you’re designing collections? Do you have a similar perspective when it comes to design, or do you feed on your contrasts?

Raisa: Being two people is always useful for keeping up with the processes. I can safely say that it’s an advantage when it comes to division of labour and creating a balance. Vanessa: We believe that we limit each other in the right way in terms of design. We can interpret an idea or a concept in two different ways and analyse them in depth. Eventually, this enables us to create works which were thought out in great detail. So, I would say it definitely has its advantages.

What do you think is the secret behind people’s preference and loyalty with one brand? To what do you pay attention to maintain your brand’s charm?

Raisa: We constantly need to create new content and to innovate our brand. Today, we see quite varied styles from one season to another, even with big global brands. We pay the utmost attention to following what’s new and being a fast player in the industry; otherwise, you risk losing your glow. Timing is crucial as well when it comes to design; you can miss the trends if you don’t present your works in a timely manner.

What’s the inspiration of the summer collection? What are your favourite pieces from it?

Vanessa: For our “The Lake House” collection, we took RaisaVanessa on a journey to the French Riviera. We strived to create designs which can be used by women who frequently travel around the world in various styles from day to night. We believe in every piece we create so they’re all favourites.

Does your personal style change with the currents of fashion like your collections?

Raisa: Naturally, the change in fashion which we witnessed during the pandemic has reflected on our daily style as well. We made some changes based on our new understanding of socialization. We usually prefer a sportive style for our day-to-day lives. During the pandemic, we enriched and diversified this style.





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