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You And Yourself In The Mirror

When I was told that this issue’s theme was “love”, I must confess that the first thing to come to my mind wasn’t romantic love. It’s strange because I’ve always thought that love is one of the arteries of life. As a result of the collective mood we’ve been in for the past year, and its reflection on our individual lives, the first idea to strike about love was “myself.”

I’d like to broaden this definition from “myself” to “ourselves”, because I know that this new reality we’re facing has enabled us to rediscover ourselves, to change, and to transform. It was an internal journey for some and physical for others. What I mean by the latter isn’t superficial; you can think of it as a sense of “feeling good externally”, which supports and complements internal transformation. We focused on our breathing, worked out like crazy, read a lot, watched plenty, listened, became mad chefs in the kitchen, and tried to stay in the flow with yoga... The list goes on. Although we did do justice to these activities, there were also times when we completely let go. You had those moments, too, right? I can hear you say, “For sure!” With all this in mind, we discovered one thing: “Myself and what I see in the mirror.” Do my eyes sparkle when I look in the mirror? What about my skin; does it have a healthy glow? I’m looking at it but what do I really see? We smile at the mirror or catch a concerned reflection looking at our “self”. Would you like to know the secret to smiling every time you look in the mirror? Admit it, you’re already curious.

This entire situation led us to do more research. What is good for my skin? Which ingredients are ideal for me? What should I do to make sure my skin shines as well as my eyes, when I’m alone with the mirror? I’m sure you all have had your answers and solutions to these questions. And here, I want to talk about my solutions and the products which made sure my skin smiles back at me in the mirror.

Miracle Broth

My favourite skincare brand is La Mer. I was captivated by its story of a “miracle broth” in the heart of all the entirety products. You’re probably wondering what a luxury skincare brand has to do with elixirs and miracles. If so, then you’re in the right place.

The unique and inimitable Miracle Broth formula, which was created by La Mer’s founder and astrophysicist Dr. Max Huber with inspiration from the ocean, is included in all of La Mer’s products. This creative process has such a long and beautiful story that it’s hard not to be impressed by it. I don’t want you to get lost in the details so I should better get to its benefits: To change and to transform. I don’t think I could have found a better suited benefit! Dryness, dark circles under the eyes, redness, excess oil, thin lines, and many more - when asked about our skin concerns, at least one of these problems is mentioned. This is where our quest begins. We listen to recommendations, get curious, buy products, and use them. We may occasionally feel satisfied but most of the time it ends in disappointment. Why do we try so hard then? You’re right;

it is to be able to smile at ourselves when we’re looking in the mirror. I assume you would agree that a lovely skin isn’t enough to have this. I should open parenthesis here and say that I’m writing about the importance of having a bright and glowing skin in this state of inner-to-outer wellness that makes you smile. Maybe I’ll write about the other aspects in another article. If you were to ask me about my practical and effective routine to achieve a healthy glow on my skin, I would give you these names of the products by La Mer. I have tested each one personally and I hope they make you feel good as much as I do. I hope that 2021 is the year where we firstly celebrate our love for ourselves, where we actualize a better version of ourselves by accepting who we are inside and out; here is to you and to yourself in the mirror...


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